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    May 20, 2022|

    WordPress Login Page Redirect Problem and Solution

    Signs of the problem is when you want to log in to your WordPress dashboard but you back to the login page again by a redirect.

    Mainly you face this problem because of options table site URL and incorrect home URL value. Beside this, you can face this problem for permalink settings and weak configuration of redirect setups from .htaccess files.

    In this article, we will see how to troubleshoot this issue.

    If you want to try the advance steps of this tutorial first create a backup of your website.

    Clear your cookies first to solve your WordPress redirect and login page problem:

    WordPress uses cookies for login authentication. So this is an easy step that you clear your browser’s cache and cookies to solve your problem. After clearing cache and cookies from the browser, restart it and try to login to your WordPress site. Most of the cases it solves the problem.

    Sometimes you may face this problem because of your plugins when two plugin conflicts with each other. In this case, deactivate your all plugin and try to log in. If you log in successfully it means this problem is occurring for plugins. So activate your plugins one by one and check your site. Most of the cases user face this problem for their last installed plugins.

    Sometimes when you update your theme you may face this problem. So try to deactivate your theme and then activate another theme. If you see any changes then use the older version of your theme and wait for next update.

    Delete this .htaccess file.

    In some cases, you may face login page redirect problem for a corrupted .htaccess file. So, go to your cpanel file manager or log in to your host with ftp client and delete your .htaccess file. If you can login after deleting the .htaccess file then login to your WordPress dashboard and go to permalink settings. Save your settings. It will create a new .htaccess file on your server.

    Update site URL

    Some cases, your site URL may cause login redirect problem. Go to your file manager and find the wp-config.php file. Click edit and add this code to your file. Don’t forget to add WWW if you are using it on your website.



    Save your change. Now you can log in to your website easily.

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