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    June 09, 2022|

    What you need to know before buying Hosting

    Web Hosting has an important role in building a website. We know websites like Google, Facebook Yahoo etc. But did we how these websites are running? There is some free website builder available like or where you can build a website without buying a domain and hosting because they are giving you free hosting space.

    What is Hosting?

    When we browse a webpage we see contents like images videos or texts. But did we think from where these contents are coming? The answer is every single content of a webpage is stored in a web host.

    A website is a way to express someone’s personal opinions easily to the world.

    You can compare a website with a personal laptop. Where your domain is your monitor and hosting is your hard disk where your data is stored.

    • Shared Hosting
    • Reseller Hosting

    Shared Hosting

    Most of the new web developer starts with a shared hosting package. And these hosting plans are popular because of its low costs and extra facilities. You will get Unlimited Bandwidth and Free SSL Certificate with every shared hosting plans.

    Reseller web hosting

    Reseller Hosting is another part of web hosting. If you have a good number of websites or if you want to sell web hosting you can try our reseller hosting pack. You can create unlimited shared hosting accounts under a reseller hosting. You can create packages as you want and sell them or use them for your own.

    24/7 Support

    We care about every problem that our customer faces. That’s why we are available 24/7 with Live Chat, Support Ticket, Email or Phone Call.

    99.9% Uptime Guarantee

    We know how important your website to you. That why we are promising 99.9% Uptime guarantee for your online platform.

    Free SSL

    Keep your website more secure with our Free SSL Certificate with every hosting plans.

    Unlimited Bandwidth

    With the unlimited bandwidth don’t need to worry about your visitor. Be relaxed with your visitor increase every month.

    What you need to know before buying Hosting.

    You need to know and analyze some basic things before buying a hosting plan.


    Your hosting package will depend on your website type. If you run a static website with just HTML and CSS or with CMS you can start with 500 MB Hosting. If you are starting a blog then you need 1 GB hosting at starting. You can upgrade your hosting plan anytime you want. One thing to keep in mind in hosting is if you want quality hosting you need a good budget too.

    Disk Space

    There is no hosting available on the internet which is unlimited. It’s just a marketing trick. Did you ever saw a computer with an unlimited hard disk?

    After developing a site you will know how much hosting space you need. You can start with 1GB Hosting plans for Blog, Portfolio Site or company website. We offer anytime plan upgrades. So if you run out of space you can upgrade your plans anytime.


    When a visitor browses a webpage, his browser downloads all contents from that page. This is called bandwidth. If you get huge visitor you would need huge bandwidth. And if you complete your monthly bandwidth quota, your website will go down.

    Don’t worry. Server more is giving you Unlimited Bandwidth. So your site will never go down for huge traffic.


    Uptime means how long the web server is active. Uptime is very important for a website because if your website goes down you can lose your valuable visitor or customer. Also, your SEO score will go down.

    We are giving 99.9 % Uptime guarantee. That means you will never lose your visitors.

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