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    What is the Basic Structure of a Website?

    Web Design

    Web design means creating a basic structure of a website. The main job of a web designer is to build a web template, there are no needs for any application. Login system, newsletter signup form, pagination, file upload, database management, image manipulation etc are the works of the web application. You need programming to build these options. If you build a website without any web application it will be known as webs design, and this types of design are called static design.

    Web Development

    Web development means creating an application for the website. There are thousands of web application available to build a dynamic website. If you do freelancing you may need to make a web app which does not even exists for the client’s requirement. So you can mention web development as web application development too.

    What is needed for web designing?

    1. You need HTML or Hypertext markup language. It creates a static web page using some tags. People can read this language. It’s not like the other programming languages. You can say HTML as the skeleton of a web page.
    2. CSS or Cascading Style Sheet. CSS is used to design a web page. If you built a web page with the only HTML you will see some text only. But you can give a great look at HTML web page using CSS. If HTML is the skeleton of a web page, CSS is flesh and skin for it.
    3. Adobe Photoshop: you can create the basic structure of a web page using photoshop. Then you can start coding HTML and CSS to give a live look.

    Also, you need other CSS frameworks, responsive design etc.

    What do you need for web development?

    1. Basic knowledge about web designing.
    2. JavaScript. JavaScript is a client-side scripting language. It is known as browser language too. You can take your website to another level with JavaScript.
    3. JQuery. JQuery is a JavaScript library. JQuery makes JavaScript uses on your website easier. Where you need to write 100 line program on JS, you can do it in one line with JQuery.
    4. PHP. PHP is a server-side, cross-platform, HTML-embedded scripting language. Scripting is the synonym of the program. It’s a set of some instructions which works automatically when you run. Server-side means, the user need server instead of a computer to handle these scripts. When someone visits a PHP webpage, it shows the necessary files in HTML view to a user.
    5. Codeigniter, Cake PHP, Zend frameworks are the popular PHP frameworks. You can build a side with the only PHP without any framework. But it will increase the development time and coding.

    Database. PHP website connects with a database and you can build database with SQL

    Difference between web design and development

    Front-end development or web design:
    Front-end means that part of the website which interacts with users directly. There are two types of the front end.
    1. Front end design
    2. Front-end development
    Once upon a time, development only meant back-end development. But, at times, it changed with the use of JavaScript and JQuery. When the question comes to storing the data of front end, back end technology comes.

    Generally, Backend is the combination of these three parts.
    1. Server.
    2. Application
    3. Database.

    When you log into Facebook, the thing you see is the front end, when you upload something, an application stores these data on the backend.

    It means your pieces of information are stored in a database on a server.

    To create this backend application you need PHP, Ruby, Python etc. programming language. And there are some frameworks available to make these programming easier.

    Responsive Web Design

    Mobile device user are increasing day by day all over the internet. And that’s why companies are trying to give their website easier and user-friendly look for mobile devices. In this case, how responsive design helping us?
    We can build a website which will adjust different types of devices with the help of responsive. The responsive design a different style of a web page by its browser resolution using flexible grid and clever styles.

    Why you need a Responsive website design?

    When a client a solution for the mobile version of a website there are many options available. But it depends on you which one you will select. If you want to make a responsive web design there are two options available. First one is coding CSS by own for different devices. The second one is using framework for responsive web design. Most of the website owner choose CSS Responsive Frameworks for their websites.
    There some famous Responsive frameworks.
    • Bootstrap
    • Foundation
    • Less Framework
    • 960 Grid System
    • 1140 Grid System
    • Base
    • Flex
    • Bulma

    You want your site to work with the latest devices:

    To show responsive design to the user, it displays coding according to the user’s browser resolution. So when a new device comes to the market you need to update your website. In today’s market, every month new mobile devices are taking markets. When you are using a Responsive design you don’t need to update it quickly. It will detect the browser resolution automatically.

    Recipe to build a successful website

    There is no doubt that, most of us want success in every field of life. The same thing happens when you are building a website. Suppose you are running a website. It could be your personal site or your organization’s site. Obviously, you will want it should fill your satisfaction?

    Then, let’s learn the recipe to build a successful website.
    1. Total Emotion on Work: you need time and devotion to stand a website. The definition of success is different to one another. If your work gives pleasure to you and others it’s definitely a success. Same things happen on the website. You would spend the much sleepless night and hard work to build a website. And you need to apply full emotion and heartiness to stand it.
    2. Complete knowledge of the subject: you make whatever email app or web publications, you need to have complete knowledge about what are you doing. Having complete knowledge of your work gives you more self-confidence.
    3. Analyzing the industry: before starting a project a developer must analyze the current industry. Web-related things always run on updates. So, a developer has to work with the updated technology all the time.
    4. Researching with audience requirements.
    5. Taking risks. Not taking the risks is one of the obstacles that prevent people from new creation. People try to avoid or skip changes. But the fear stops you from creating new inventions. In a web project, this fear can prevent you from new inventions. That’s why you need to take some risks on a project.

    What is the basic structure of a website?

    After building a website it is trouble to make changes on the website. Here are the main 10 subjects that complete a website.


    The logo contains the identity of a website. It’s bad to change logo continuously. So selecting or making a great logo for the company is the first task.


    The logo contains your brand name. then you need a tagline for your website. It could be a motto or you can describe your website in a line. A visitor gets an idea about that website with its tagline.


    If you are running a personal website or company website you need a portfolio. In the portfolio, your visitor gets the information of your previous work. Also, they can check your or your company’s working examples.

    Service Page

    In service page, people will get details about services of a company. You can describe your products qualities on this page.

    About Us Page

    An about us page represents your or your company’s mission, vision, past, teams. In one word, A about us page gives complete instruction and information about you and your company to a visitor.

    Contact Us Page

    A visitor may want to share his opinions or contact you after visiting your website. So you need a contact us page. A contact us page contains your organization name, email, mobile no, social media links and a contact form where a visitor can easily contact you.


    A testimonial is important for the business. You can add comments or reviews from your past customers on testimonial page or section. A good review from the previous customer helps to get more customers.


    To submit a website to search engines sitemap is a compulsory item. It helps to index your site on search engines faster and search engines use it to give to their users.

    Social Media Links

    To connect with people there is no other option is better than using social media. Many may want to connect with you or your company with social media and you will want too to connect with them. To connect visitors with your community you can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social media sites.

    Search Options

    Especially when you are running a blog, newspaper or content related website you must need search options on your website. The visitor may want to see older post and it’s so annoying to load pages one by one to find the post. They can easily find their needed content using the search options.

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