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    May 23, 2022|

    What is SSL Certificate?

    SSL certificate is a combination of small files which binds details of an organization in a digital way. When SSL installs it activate padlock and https protocol and allow secure connection on the browser from the web server. Generally, people use SSL for credit card transaction, data transfer, login and social media websites.

    Things that SSL certificate binds together:

    • Domain name, server name or hostname.
    • Organizational Identity and location.

    To create a secure connection with the browser for an organization they need to install SSL on their server. After a establish secure connection between web server and web browser it will secure all the web traffic.

    When you will install a certificate successfully on your web server it will change your protocol to HTTPS. The extra S stands for secure. Showing padlock or green bar depends on which SSL certificate you are using. You will see this after installing SSL certificate on your website.

    How the SSL does installed website look?

    Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates:

    Standard SSL Certificates:

    How does SSL Certificate work?

    SSL certificate uses public key cryptography. This type of cryptography is the combination of two keys that are randomly arranged in a long line of numbers. One is called Private Key and the other one is a public key. The public key is known on your server and available on public domain. You can encrypt any message using this.

    Why we need SSL certificate.

    SSL certificate protects your sensitive information like credit card information, username, password etc.

    Also, it does,

    • Secures the data on the server.
    • Improves Google ranking.
    • Create confidence in the customer.

    Where can I buy SSL certificate?

    You need issue SSL certificate from a reliable certificate authority. Browsers, operating system, and mobile devices maintain the list of trusted CA root certificate.
    Root certificate must be present at the end of the user machine for the authenticity of the certificate. If it is not trusted, then the browser will send the untrusted error message to the user. In the case, such error message creates lack of confidence for giving sensitive information to an e-commerce site.

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