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    What is SMS Marketing and Importance of SMS Marketing

    What is SMS Marketing?

    As you are using mobile phone maybe almost every day you are getting SMS from your provider or other service offering a different type of promotions. This is part of SMS marketing. SMS marketing is a working way of getting more customer reach as like email marketing. The difference is those who don’t use the internet they can also get your offers through SMS service.

    Why SMS marketing?

    You don’t need SMS marketing only to promote your business. Nowadays companies and agencies are using SMS marketing for different purposes.

    SMS Marketing is very affordable service. You can get more reach with less cost.
    High ROI
    SMS Marketing’s return on investment is high as email marketing. People give priority to those offers and newsletters that they get on their SMS.
    Where you need a data connection on to get emails, there is SMS which helps you get the users eye instantly.
    You can track that if your customer received the email or not.
    People may use various email address or skip their emails for heavy spams. But SMS is personal and they give priority to it.

    Who can take the service of SMS Marketing?

    Shop Owners
    If you are owning any shop or e-commerce site, you can use SMS marketing service to deliver your latest promotional news to your customers.
    School/College can use SMS Service to inform their students and guardians the latest news, exam schedules or other notice by SMS.
    A restaurant owner can use SMS Marketing to offer their clients the latest promotions and new items.
    Professional Services and Others.
    Any kind of professional service owner or public figure can use SMS Marketing service to get in touch with their colleagues, relatives, friends, clients, customers etc.

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