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    June 07, 2022|

    What is Search Engine and what is Search Engine Optimization

    What is Search Engine?

    Search Engine is one kind of computer program or website which stores information from all over the internet and shows result to it user by the information. Search Engines works with the help of a robot program which collects information from different website which is known as indexing.

    In simple word, Search Engine is the website where we search to find information. Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Ask are one of the famous international search engines.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization is a way to make a website important to the search engine. It helps a website taking top place for the specific search items. This is known as Organic or Natural Search result. The aim of search engine optimization is bringing the web page on the top ten results of the first page of search engine. Basically, if a user don’t get desired website with first search, they start searching with different keywords without visiting the next page. So, having a place on top ten search result means getting more visitors for your website and more visitor means more income. That’s why everyone get desperate for a good search engine optimization.

    The main objectives of search engine optimization include

    • Delivering a website to everyone
    • Increasing the website popularity
    • Increasing visitor or traffic
    • Making revenue from the website
    • Exchanging information and surviving on competition

    On Page Optimization

    The optimizations we do on the inside of a web page or blog is called On Page Optimization. Important parts of On Page Optimizations are Searching the right Keyword and use, Meta tag, Meta Data, Title Tag, Description Tag, Making content with rich keyword, XML sitemaps etc.

    Off Page Optimization

    Off Page Optimization is an important and permanent optimization which helps getting top on competitive search results. It includes, Quality backlink, Article Marketing, Forum Posting, Blog Commenting, Directory submissions etc. Off Page optimization don’t only effects a single page. It improves your whole websites optimization and give your higher page rank with better search results.

    Every year, search engine changes their algorithm to give their users the best searching experience. That means the techniques of getting perfect search engine optimization changes.

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