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    What is Facebook Marketing and Why You Need Facebook Marketing

    What is Facebook Marketing?

    Those who are using Facebook have noticed some advertisements like sponsored! These are advertising on Facebook. Facebook page owners use this ad system to promote their page, products, business etc. the popularity of Facebook marketing is increasing day by day because of its efficiency.

    Why you need Facebook marketing?

    We all know some history of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook. Facebook started their journey in 2004 and after that, they didn’t need to look back again. Almost 2 billion people use Facebook regularly and the number is increasing.

    Some stats of Facebook:

    • Daily 300 Million photo uploads.
    • 293000 status and 5,10,000 comments per minute.
    • 42% business owner thinks that Facebook is the main weapon for their marketing.
    • Every year Facebook user increasing by the margin of 17 %.

    Now think yourself, why you will not promote your business where 2 billion people are using Facebook? Another service by Facebook Instagram has almost 600 million users!

    Why you need Facebook Marketing ignoring the analog marketing?

    Facebook marketing is more important than banner, signboard, billboard, festoon, paper or radio-television marketing because there you will get benefit with low cost. You can do the highest marketing of your business on Facebook. If you do Facebook marketing you can calculate the results instantly. The cost of Facebook marketing is very cheap. The thing you need to get success in Facebook marketing is having a great marketing mind! It is not a matter whatever you are a small business owner or a CEO of a big corporation, you can spread your business and promote it to your targeted users or every user.

    Features of Facebook Ad Campaign

    Carousel Ads

    Carousel Ads is where you can display highest 10 ads in a single campaign. You can put an image with a title, small description, and links.

    Facebook Pixel

    The Facebook pixel is code that you will put on your website to track the audience who are coming from your campaign.

    Website Conversion Campaign

    You can promote your website on Facebook and engage more visitors for your website.

    Behavior Targeting

    You can target audience for your ad campaign by their behavior. That means Facebook will show your ads to them who are searching related topics/products that you are serving.

    Interest Targeting

    By the Interest targeting, Facebook will show your ad campaign to those users who are interested in your service/ product type.

    Demographic Targeting

    You can also target audience from the selected country, area or city by the Demographic targeting.

    Custom Audience Engagement Ads

    By the Custom Audience Engagements, you can target those audiences who visited your website, who share their contacts with your website or using your application.

    Video Ads

    You can promote your service using video ads and the popularity of video advertising on Facebook is increasing day by day as like YouTube ads.

    Steps we follow to promote your Business on Facebook


    Every project needs planning before starting. We plan our working steps at first to promote your Brand. Planning contains setting your Goals and Audience. It is important to work with a Goal in every project. And having an idea of the audience on planning is also important.

    Making Great Contents

    After planning the strategy to reach your targeted audience we focus on making quality content for it. It does not matter like uploading an image and boosting it. You need the great contents also to make your plan successful and we do the same thing.

    Get Talking

    When we manage your ad campaign we communicate with your audience and listen to them. What they want or what they need. If you don’t know well that what your audience needs, you can’t make a campaign successful.


    We tract the behavior of your audience. What they like most, which types of content they are talking about most and then we work with that information.


    After doing all the steps, we boost your business on Facebook to reach your targeted audience to get convert it into profit.

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