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    What is Email Marketing and Why Email Marketing is Important

    What is Email Marketing?

    Email Marketing is the easy, cheap and fastest way of marketing to reach the clients and customers. It not a matter what you are selling. You can deliver your service to thousands of customer with a simple click.

    Why Email Marketing?

    People check their email regular whether they are at home, office or traveling. That’s why you can deliver your message to them easily. You will realize the importance of email marketing from some of these statistics.

    • Where the conversion rate is 0.59% in social media marketing, email marketing has 4.24% conversion rate.
    • Email Marketing 40 time more effective than Facebook or Twitter Marketing
    • 72% People likes getting a promotional offer from email, where the rate is only 17% for social media.
    • Email marketing campaign gets 6 times more clicks than a twitter campaign.
    • ROI or Return on Investment is 41% in Email Marketing (Per Dollar)

    It is found in a survey Adestra that, by the middle of 2019, 85% company will be shifted to email marketing only for their digital marketing campaign. 89% Marketer thinks that Email marketing is the primary step in getting targeted clients. 76% customers say they buy products that they get their emails.

    Features of Email Marketing
    Targeted customers
    Low cost with high conversion
    Text/Image or HTML Template
    Branded Emails
    Quick Delivery
    The email will be delivered by your Company Name

    Steps for Email Marketing

    Setting Goal
    Setting up the Software
    List Building
    Email Subject and Template
    Number of Emails

    You will get

    24×7 Client Support
    Client Area with Work Reports
    Spam Free marketing
    100% Client Satisfaction

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