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    What is CDN, Advantages of CDN and Disadvantages of CDN?

    Content Delivery Network or CDN is a computer based network which use check web content from different region and delivers it to the visitors. There are some check servers available beside CDN which gives this feature. Servers from different regions stores content and serve it to visitors from the nearest one. As a result website loading speed increase.

    For an example, if you CDN for your website and your main server is at New York and you have a visitor from Bangladesh it will serve contents from nearest server like Singapore and your site will load faster.

    Advantages of CDN service

    You can handle your main server’s traffic from CDN server. User can browse your website faster for the lowest latency CDN service helps you SEO too.

    CDN server work in collaboration basis. That why you can get almost 100% uptime for your website. If it could not connect your server another server will work for your website and will show result.

    Disadvantage of CDN service.

    Its cache technology work in time basis. That why some time it may took time to update your content. You may need to pay for current time content delivery.

    There are some free CDN service available. But for professional experience you may need to spend some money.

    CDN helps your web hosting to speed up. It don’t replaces your hosting that’s why you obviously need a web hosting provider.

    Your web server affects your user proximity loading time. If you use content delivery network it will help your visitor to load website ultra-fast because it’s using multiple geographical web servers. In a simple word, your user can get your content extremely fast from their nearest server.

    Why you need CDN for your WordPress?

    After reading the beginning of this article you already understood why you need CDN for your website. Check what we get after using CDN service on our website.


    After using CDN our website gone more fast and speedy

    Improved user experience

    After using CDN our websites bounce rate decreased huge and increased our page views. So we got prove that a fast website helps keeping its traffic.

    SEO improvement

    Google says this clearly that the fast website will be at top in search list. We notice our contents ranking improved a lot after using CDN

    I personally use CloudFlare free CDN for my blogs and websites. It really helps. I will write how to integrate CloudFlare CDN to your WordPress website soon. Stay with us.

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