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    May 25, 2022|

    Thing you need to know before buying hosting

    Today we will learn some important things that we must know before buying hosting.
    I tried to discuss them in points. Hope this will help you choose the right hosting plans.


    Everybody sets a budget when they start their online journey. They always try to buy the best thing with a low cost. Remember this, you will get what you pay. If you want to buy a dedicated server it will cost 150-500$ per month. But if you want this at just 10-20$ you will get downtime and worst experience for free. So think before you buy any package.

    Disk Space

    You need to think about the disc space. Try to calculate how much space you need to host your website. For example, if you host a static HTML site on your server, 100-200 MB space is enough. But when you go for the dynamic one you would need more space. My suggestion for starting a blog is starting with 500-1000 MB hosting space. You can upgrade your hosting package anytime. Almost every web hosting provider has features for upgrading a plan.

    Don’t go for the unlimited disk space offers. Nobody can give you a unlimited disk space. Did you ever hear that someone using the unlimited hard disk? No. so how can they give you unlimited disk space? It’s just a marketing policy.


    When a visitor loads your website, their browser downloads contents of your website. This data is known as bandwidth. Generally you won’t need more than 1 GB bandwidth for a recently created website. But it may increase when you start getting traffic. 10-100 GB bandwidth is enough for a mid-level website.

    Uptime Guarantee

    Site Uptime is a very important thing. Your website will run as long as your hosting server runs. If your hosting server goes down you can’t visit your website.
    It is not only important for you and your traffic. Site uptimes have effect on your SEO scores too. So it is important for you to choose a hosting which gives a guarantee with uptime.

    Money Back guarantee

    If any hosting company gives the money back guarantee that means you can ask for refund if you are unsatisfied with their service.

    Status of the Organization

    Before buying a hosting from a company you need to check for their user reviews and experiences. Also, check are they using the licensed billing method or pirated one.


    When you are going to buy a web hosting service you also need to know about their support system. You may face problems when you are new at web development. Check what their average response time is and which type of support they have. If you can check the user review of their support too.

    Hosting features

    Compare their hosting features with others. What they are giving with what prices. If you are building an site then you need windows hosting. So if the provider providing Linux hosting it won’t going to help you.


    Know their limitations from their TOS. What you can do with their hosting will be there. So it is also important to read terms of services when you are buying a hosting service.

    Control Panel

    To manage your website you need the control panel. You can manage your website easily using the cPanel. So it will be better to buy cPanel hosting. Check the provider’s service. Are they providing cPanel control?

    Server load

    Check is their server is overloaded or not. Ask your company about the core and processor of the server.

    Technical limitations

    IF you want to build a blog, e-commerce, live video etc. site it will be better if you don’t run after cheap web hosting. Cheap hosting server and hardware configuration are not good at all. So choose the company which uses the good server for their customers. Don’t blame any company for your mistakes all the time.

    Special Features

    It’s the additional requirements for choosing the best hosting. You can buy hosting from a company which gives you free backup, domain privacy, unlimited bandwidth etc.

    User reviews

    As I said before. You must check users review before buying a hosting from a company. Check out their blog and social media pages to see what user tells about them.

    If notice this points you can choose the right hosting package for your online startup.

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