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    Primary Problems of WordPress and Solutions

    WordPress is an open source content management system built with PHP and MySQL. It’s the most popular CMS all over the internet. Currently, 43% websites use WordPress and its increasing day by day. You can create a WordPress site without proper PHP and MySQL knowledge.

    Today we will discuss those primary problems and solution which makes the struggle for a new WordPress user. So let’s start.

    Not showing plug in a menu in the admin panel.

    Solution: It may cause for some reasons. If you are using free service you will not see plugin menu. Also if you don’t have WordPress administration level access you won’t see this.

    Not showing custom or general field areas after updating

    Solution: Don’t get afraid if you face this. WordPress tries to modify some things to give their users new and user-friendly experience. So, if you are not finding your past dashboard settings, simply click the screen options from the top and select what you want.

    Facebook like button not working beside title or image

    Solution: It’s not a WordPress problem. This happens because of your script is not getting enough information or if it has anything wrong with the script. You will find many plugins to integrate your WordPress with Facebook. If you don’t want to install plugins just create your whole settings newly in right steps.

    My WordPress is very slow! How to make it first.

    Solutions: WordPress site loading time can be slow for many reasons. Also, you can make it fast by following some steps. Use cache plugin. You can add free Cloudflare CDs for making your site load fast too. Final tips are using a good quality hosting service.

    How to install google analytics to WordPress!

    Solutions: by default WordPress has analytics feature. But if you want to install google analytics you can do that manually. Create a google analytics account and their verification code to the header of your website. You can use WordPress header insert plugin to do that easily.

    Adding video to post

    Solutions: go to HTML view when you are writing a post and paste your YouTube embed code. If you want to add your own media you can use embed plugins.

    Can I install WordPress on my computer?

    Solutions: yes you can do that. For this, you need to set up a personal server on your computer using the software. I personally use xampp server. Then you can install your WordPress creating a database and downloading the WordPress file.

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