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    How to Fix WordPress Syntax Error Problem

    Basically, this error occurs when you try to add code snippets or if the code contains any syntax error. If you face PHP parse error you find something like this.

    parse error-syntax error,unexpected send in/public_html/wp-content/themes/zerif-lite/function.php on line 91

    By this message, it means there is a crash and the line indicates where the crash is. To fix this error you need to correct the syntax. Most of the case this happens because of unnecessary brackets or characters.

    There are lots of tutorial and code snippets available on the web for a new WordPress user. But the matter of sorrow is just single character can break your site if you use it wrong. If you face this problem don’t get afraid. In this article, we will learn how to fix this WordPress syntax error.

    Use Perfect Syntax to avoid an unexpected syntax error.

    First, you need to follow this guideline. You will find many tutorials on google for how to copy and paste codes as a beginner.

    Generally, a beginner does the mistake when he tries to paste a code. A simple coma, the extra bracket can break down your whole script.

    Did you recently added any code or used a plugin to your website? Then it will be easy to find out where you have done the mistake.

    Fix your syntax from the panel.

    To fix the error you need edit that file where you made the mistake. You do it by removing or editing the code. Many beginners feel dingle because they can’t access their website. In that case, you need to be calm. Go to your panel and file manager.

    Find your file where it is showing syntax error. Remove the code added.

    You can correct the code if you understand where the problem is.

    Change the settings and save your changes.

    You will see your site live.

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