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    April 26, 2022|

    How to Choose a Right Domain Name!

    Choosing domain name is very important for online business. If your team is small then choosing domain is too important for you. Today I will discuss some points on How to choose a right domain name for your business which will help you starting your online startup.

    What is domain name?

    Start it like a story. Suppose, you have a store. So it has an address for sure too where your run your business. Same as domain is the address of your internet commerce, blog or website. For example, web hosting service providing company is Server More and is its domain name or address.
    For choosing a Domain name you need to keep some matters in your mind.

    • Topic of your web site.
    • Types of Visitors you expect
    • Region of traffic you expect

    Those who are new think why I need to analyze this things to buy a domain! Now, I will show you how a domain name impacts on your search engine optimization.

    It will not show your result at first page if your domain and focus keyword is same. If your website or blog has quality then it will be easy to rank your website. Suppose you searched for a tech blog at Google. See what Google shows at first?

    You can see first 3-4 websites of the result having “tech” in their domain name. So, it means having keyword in domain name can help you getting rank. But it is wrong idea that it will rank only by having the domain name.

    What you need to keep in mind when choosing a domain name.


    Having keyword will not rank your website automatically. But it will definitely help you. You need to keep your content quality every time. A visitor can easily guess your website type with your domain name. Try to find a keyword with good search volume and low competitive.

    Right Extension

    Extension used in the last of your domain name like .com, .net, .org etc. It is better to try or choose a domain name with .com for building a company, blog, affiliate or CPA website.

    Easy to pronounce

    Choose a domain name which is easy to pronounce. It helps a website for branding and helps a visitor to remember too.

    Small Name

    A small domain name helps your website to keep its traffic.

    Country level domain

    If you want to create an online business for targeted region it is better to use country level domain. As like you want to open a e commerce site at Australia. So you can choose .au extension.

    Avoid Hyphen or number

    For some reasons, experts suggest to avoid using hyphen or numbers in domain. For example, you know a webhosting company If you tell your friends that to buy hosting from server (hyphen), isn’t it looks odd? So it is better to avoid using hyphens or numbers in domain. It creates confusions too.


    Always try to choose unique domain name. Check that is there any brand available with this name. If yes, it is better to avoid the name. Suppose, you can’t choose a domain name like or You can get case for using copyrighted domain name. So, it is better to choose a unique domain name every time.

    Easy to understand

    Belief it or not. An easy and beautiful domain name can give your publicity then your content.

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