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    Common Mistakes of a New Designer and Solutions

    Those who are learning web designing and developing on their own do some silly and common mistakes. And this mistakes prevents them from becoming a pro designer. In this article, we will try to discuss those mistakes and their solutions.

    1. Typography

    Typography mainly means font size, font style, gaps between paragraphs etc. You can say everything typography which is related to the font.

    When you are building a PSD design or converting it to HTML you need to care about every pixel.
    After choosing a font we need to look is it going well with our design?

    Also, you need to set the right line-height on your paragraphs.

    2. Color Sense

    Color sense is another important part of the design. A bad color combination can ruin your whole work.

    Those who practice design first-time use colors which they like. This pushes you away from professionalism.

    Consider your logo when you are choosing a color for your design.

    Also, don’t use your main color everywhere. Suppose you have a blue logo. Now if use this blue color everywhere like titles, headlines, banner etc. it will look disgusting. Try to use it simply where you need. The best way is analyzing others work.

    3. Spacing

    Spacing can help you present your design more beautifully. Keep your margins same in all cases. Like if you are using 50 pixels on top margin of a title, use 50 pixels on the bottom too.

    We tried to present the most common mistakes that a new designer does. A great tip to become a pro designer is researching other designs as many as you can. You will get lots of ideas from them.

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