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    5 important and compulsory things that you need to know for your website.

    When you are running a website you need to look at page loading time, how’s your content, is it supporting all the browsers etc. so let’s know, 5 important and compulsory things that you need to know for your website

    Your webpage looks different in the different browser:

    When you are browsing your website from google chrome you will see one design. But when you will try to browse it from safari you will find the little bit different. So, why your website looks different in a different browser? Because it depends on parsing and rendering.

    Browser shows you a result of a webpage by translating its codes. Sometimes, it couldn’t detect some codes, that’s why you can’t see the same result in different browsers.

    Those who design a webpage, they know HTML and CSS very well and know what to do to make a webpage recognizable to every browser. So, you need to take care of this.

    A visitor will be attracted by your design:

    A visitor always wants a simple webpage with attractive design. If you waste your time only on an attractive design it may cause you great traffic loss. It is found in a survey by Nelson Norman group that if a user feels uncomfortable or couldn’t find his solution instantly he leaves the page immediately and search for another. So you need to keep care in making an attractive design with simple navigation.

    A two-year-old web page is very old:

    You obviously need to update your design. Because of updates, your web page may look old if you don’t update it. So, you need to walk with a timely and relevant design with professionalism on your website.

    A template may limit the efficiency of your website:

    Beginner level website owner always a readymade template for their website. But this template contains a huge amount of unnecessary coding. And sometimes this creates a problem when you are running a company. So it is better you use a template with less unnecessary coding or build a template with a designer/developer by your requirements.

    Positive and negative impact of Image and Videos:

    Web pages use different types of image and videos. It has some good and bad sides. Images and videos make a website more attractive. But if you use non-optimized images or videos it will increase your web page loading time. So, you also need to take care of images and videos that you are using. Otherwise, your visitor will skip your page.
    The first thing you need to fix your website is website loading time. You cannot use any expired or unnecessary things or items if you want to keep your visitors in.

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