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    May 29, 2022|

    10 Basic Security Steps for a WordPress Site

    You can’t describe the importance of WordPress as a CMS. Almost 60% user choosing WordPress when they are building a website with CMS. For its user friendly interface and easy to use options, people are choosing WordPress for their personal to corporate websites.

    And for this popularity of WordPress, hackers are targeting it. That’s why you need to care about your WordPress sites security.

    Today we will know some basic security steps for a WordPress site which will help you protecting your site from a bad hacker.

    Using Quality Hosting

    Many new WordPress user use low cost, poor and anonymous hosting for their website when they start their web journey. This provider can’t give you enough security. And it cause hacking. So buy hosting after checking what kind of security features they are using. It will be better to not buy hosting from a new provider who just started business just buying a reseller hosting!

    Keep your WordPress Up to Date

    WordPress fix their bugs on every update. So it is better to update your WordPress when you got an update notification. Hacker try to find security issues from the old version of WordPress and hacks a website. So keep your website always up to date with the latest version of WordPress.

    Using a Strong Password

    People use their name, mobile number or birth year as their password. Just think, you are running a website means that website has an about page? What your visitor gets there? Information about you and your site. So a hacker can easily get idea from those information for guessing your password. Also they use tools to generate passwords with those information. So it is important for you to not use password with your name, mobile number or birth year/date. You can use combination of numbers, words, and symbols when you are creating a password.

    Not using the “admin” as Username

    When you install WordPress it shows a generated username “admin” on the installation. Almost 50% people don’t change this when they install WordPress. For security reason you should change this when you install WordPress. A hacker try to login to your admin panel with this user id first. If you already created your WordPress site with this username you can change it by creating a new admin id. Log in with the new id then delete the old user from the list.

    Avoiding the Free Premium Themes

    When you are using a nulled version of premium theme you have no idea what you are putting on to your website. These free premium theme contains various kind of malicious scripts which helps a hacker to steal your information’s. Always it contains hidden ad codes and pop ups which gives you high bounce rate.

    Keeping Login Safe

    You need to take necessary steps to prevent hacker buy login with guessing your username and password. You can use limit login attempt plugins to prevent them. This plugin will block the ip to access which tries to login again and again.

    Using Safe Plugin

    Using safe plugin is also important as using safe themes. When you are installing a plugin be sure it is available on WordPress directory. Or if you need use any premium plugin, use it after purchase.

    It is important to keep themes and plugin up to date like the version of your WordPress. A developer fix bugs of a theme and plugin if he finds any security issue.

    Keeping the Site Backup

    There is no guarantee that you site will never be hacked. You can face hacking if you don’t have any faults. So it is also important to keep backups of your website regularly. So you can restore them you got hacked by any chance.

    Using Security Plugins

    You can use security plugins for WordPress. You need to check user reviews and rating before selecting any plugins. You will find firewall, limit login, auto backup type thousands of plugins from the official WordPress directory.

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